Technology and Media Access

In this class you are required to several times a week access:

  • the course website,
  • Blackboard,
  • your WCC email account, and
  • document your work.

This means that you need access to a device with Internet connection. You can access these tools and resources through a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Here are the links for

computer & internet access

  • WCC offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the campus and extension sites. You need to select the ASGARD wireless network, open a browser and accept the college’s Terms of Usage to gain access to the Internet.
  • The college also offers several open labs with computer and Internet access to ensure that you can complete work that requires access to technologies. Harold L. Drimmer Libraryhas several computer working stations with Internet access extended hours; Tec 25 and some extension sites also offer computer labs with extended hours. Check their locations and hours. Call in advance to ensure that the hours posted are up to date.
  • The Art Department offers Open Studio for art students in HAAB 403 – Design Studio when no class is in session in the studio. Available open studio time will be posted on the studio door in the beginning of the semester and on the course site.
  • WCC Laptop Landing program allows you to borrow a laptop for a 2-hour period during school days (until 2pm).

wcc email account

WCC requires that you must use your college assigned email to communicate with your instructors, peers, administrators and staff. This policy follows the The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA, a U.S. Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

Please make sure you have access to your college email account as soon as possible. For more information on how to access your email account go to

Having regular access to your WCC email account is a requirement for this course as I will be emailing you class updates, reminders and important deadlines. When contacting each of your instructors via e-mail, you must use your WCC e-mail address – no personal email addresses! Remember that this is a WCC policy.

printing policy

WCC has implemented a print monitoring system. When printing, you will be required to sign-in. Please use your MyWCC login credentials. Your printing account will be credited with $25 at the beginning of each semester and every time you print the following amounts will be deducted from your printing budget: 5¢ per B&W page and 15¢ per color page. If you run out of money you can request the college to refill your account one more time. The third refill is on you!

Be conscientious about printing! Despite costing your money, the more paper you use, the more trees need to be killed; and the more ink cartridges and toners are needed generating more non-sustainable garbage. Check this article on What Effect Does Ink Cartridge Waste Have On The Environment: