Prof. Claudia Jacques

Claudia JacquesClaudia Jacques de Moraes Cardoso is a Brazilian-American interdisciplinary artist, designer, educator and researcher. Prof. Jacques holds an MFA in Computer Art (School of Visual Arts, NY, USA) and a PhD in Interactive Hybrid Art (Planetary Collegium, CAiiA Hub, University of Plymouth, UK.) She studied with Professors Roy Ascott and Søren Brier, and researches space-time aesthetics in the user-information-interface relationship through the lens of Cybersemiotics. Intersecting art, technology and science, she designs interactive hybrid art and information environments that aim to explore perceptions of space-time and the digital-physical. She collaborates with many artists exhibiting and presenting both nationally and internationally. She has published in Leonardo, TEKs, Art & Engine, etc., and serves as Art Editor for Cybernetics and Human Knowing journal. Jacques is also UCLA’s ArtSci Center | SciArt Lab+Studio Summer Institute associate director. She teaches studio, digital and communication arts, and her studio is in Ossining, NY.

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