Self & Peer Evaluation

Assignment | Points
Projects | 44
Exercises | 26
Tutorials & Quizzes | 20
Readings  & Posts |  5
Online Digital Portfolio | 5
Total | 100

projects (44 points)
Each project is designed to implement the tools and techniques you have learned in class. Projects will be assigned each class and are due the following class unless otherwise instructed. Projects will be evaluated according to their individual grading criteria.

Project 1: My Camera | 6 points
Project 2: Seeing Light: Depth of Field | 7 points
Project 3: Same Space, Different Perspective | 7 points
Project 4: Exploring Time Through Shutter Speed | 8 points
Project 5: Conceptual Portraiture | 8 points
Project 6: Content, Light & Color – Final Project | 8 points

exercise (26 points)
The best way to learn to see behind the camera is by photographing. The photographic studies complement your learning by pushing you to photograph daily with intention. It extends the projects since it’s ongoing and not restricted to a set deadline. Although you are expected to take 36 shots weekly in any of the categories below and share them on your online digital portfolio.

tutorials & quizzes (20 points)
You are required to follow certain tutorials.

direct reading and research posts on blackboard (5 points)
Reading and research complement your learning and are necessary to help you understand the content visually and intellectually.

electronic portfolio presentation (5 points)
You are required to create, maintain and share an e-portfolio on WordPress with all your projects and present the portfolio at midterm and final presentations. .