Course Requirements

This class relies on in-class and at home assignments, practice projects, skills exercises, group discussions & critiques, demos, individualized instruction, visual presentations/lectures, assigned research & readings, written responses, self-assessments, online course supplement, and online student e-portfolio. In order to succeed in this class, you are expected to:
  • Attend ALL classes on time, complete assignments on time; participate in class critiques & discussions.
  • Dedicate approximately six hours of work per week in addition to class time to complete assignments.
  • Have regular access to a device with Internet connection to follow the course content online, post to the course discussion board on Blackboard, maintain your e-portfolio and WCC e-mail account. More on the course Technology & Media Access requirements and rules can be found at
  • Check the course site, Blackboard and your WCC e-mail regularly!
  • Keep up with readings and postings, self-evaluations, documenting your artwork, course evaluation and participating on a final assessment.
  • Have a WCC e-mail account and be able to access it regularly. When contacting your instructors via e-mail, you MUST use your WCC e-mail address – no personal e-mail addresses! This is a WCC policy.
other class requirements
  1. Bring relevant supplies to class.
  2. Bring all course work to every class.
  3. Have access to a manual digital camera.
  4. Clean up any mess that you have created. Return all materials, magazine and supplies to their proper places.
  5. No cell phones, beepers, iPods, or other electronic devices without permission.